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This Digital Media Course has specially been designed by professionals with vast experience who have been working with an actual digital media agency. This is what makes the course structure and teachings unique keeping in mind a practical approach which the students can actually use once they get into the corporate world.


Who is this course for? This course is for a student of any age looking to gain knowledge of the wide field that is digital marketing. The student will not only gain knowledge of the industry but also gain practical experience which will help the students get real corporate / agency world experience which is mainly what organizations are looking for.
What's in the Course? This course consists of a wide spectrum of information for students who aim at gaining knowledge in the field of digital marketing, social media, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, influencer marketing, to name a few. This course also consists of practical tests with a final presentation which encompasses everything the student has learned. Any outstanding students may also receive recommendations to organizations and placement guidance via FYA Media Group.
What Will You Learn? In the course duration you will learn all you can about the key workings of a digital media company with an understanding of technical aspects of website design and development along with search engine optimization. You will also learn about various social media platforms used for marketing along with influencer marketing and content marketing. You will also get a few tips and tricks of working within a digital media organization along with key takeaways of everyday workings.

Course Structure

Duration - 3 months
Sessions - 12 (including 2 tests and final presentation)
Total number of hours - 24
Website & Technologies - History of Website making
- Purpose of different languages- HTML, PHP, Json, Java, CSS
- Using no code Tools like Wix / SquareSpace
SEO - Identify Keywords
- Check Competitiveness
- How to do an SEO Audit
- On Page SEO - what, how & why
- Off Page - What & Why
SEM - What is Adwords
- Types of Ads
- Planning Keywords
- Searching & Choosing Websites
- Tracking Ads
Facebook - Creating a Page
- Types of Posts
- Planning a Calendar
- Using Groups
- Examples of Great Campaigns
- Auditing a Page
Instagram - Creating a Business Profile
- Type of Posts
- Using Stories & Hashtags
- Planning a Calendar
- Creating Posts - List of Tools
- Examples of Great Campaigns
- Auditing a Page
Facebook Ads Manager - Type of Ads
- Choosing the Right Ad
- Types of Targeting
- Placing a full ad
- Lookalike & Custom Audiences
- Tracking
- Key Insights to Check
Other Platforms - Twitter Basics
- YouTube Basics
- Pinterest Basics
- TikTok Introduction
- Helo Introduction
Content Marketing - What is content marketing
- Why is it important
- Types of content marketing
- Examples of Great Campaigns
What it means to be an influencer - Types of Influencers
- Types of Brand Associations
- How brands can use Influencers
- How to measure the success of an Influencer Campaign
- Examples of Great Campaigns
- How to become an influencer
- How to Create Content
Analytics & Insights - Using Facebook Insights
- Using Instagram Insights
- Using Google Analytics

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