• Fine Arts

The mediums that we cover in our course are:

Pencil Pens Water Colours Acrylics Oil Colours

Each area of fine arts is specific, but there are some overlapping courses you should expect to take no matter what field you choose. Common courses for the arts are courses such as art history and art appreciation. These cover all the arts in general, giving students an understanding of the entire field before they begin to specialize in their chosen area.

Course Structure

Week 01 Week 07
Day 01 : Introduction to fine art . Day 13 : Learning of different tools.
Day 02 : Research on history of fine art. Day 14 : Practicing with tools.

Week 02

Week 08
Day 03 : Colour theory. Day 15 : Learning Medium 02.
Day 04 : Fine art timeline and classics. Day 16 : Research on Medium 02.

Week 03

Week 09
Day 05 : Learning different Mediums. Day 17 : Learning to collaborate Medium 01 and 02.
Day 06 : Practicing the Mediums. Day 18 : Practice.

Week 04

Week 10
Day 07 : Research on Mediums. Day 19 : Finishing 2 pieces each of medium 02
Day 08 : Short listing a Medium to work with. Day 20 : Start preparation of collaborative pieces

Week 05

Week 11
Day 09 : Learning texturing. Day 21 : Working on 2 collaborative pieces.
Day 10 : Use of multiple tools. Day 22 : drawings referencing between all 6 pieces.

Week 06

Week 12
Day 11 : Finishing 2 pieces per head. Day 23 : Finishing of 6 pieces with research.
Day 12 : Historic referencing and medium research , presentation. Day 24 : Final presentation and Display.


If you like to do sketching, drawing & creativity, then the study in Fine Arts will suit you.

You should be committed and passionate about fine arts and have a passion for your particular art whether you want to take it up in a professional manner, or just pursue it as a hobby.

Fine arts refers to visual art that is created primarily for beauty and meaning. It refers to an art form developed for its aesthetic value and its beauty. The course helps students gear up for a range of art fields including drawing, graphics, painting, conceptual art, sculpture, printmaking. It also prepares you for appearing in intermediate and elementary government grade examinations.

Industries / Companies / who hire these professionals are:

Design Manufacturing Companies Publishing Houses Textile Industry Event management Companies
Set Designers Art Galleries Advertising Companies Digital Media
Magazines Films and television Colleges (Teaching)

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